Rain Dance

by The Others

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4 tracks of groove laden hardcore channeling the rock gods.


released November 26, 2014

Recorded September 2013 at Sumo Studios by Tristan Sturmer

Mixed and mastered at Getaway Recording by Jay Maas

Drums performed by Glenn Buckley



all rights reserved


Shaman Records Perth, Australia

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Track Name: Rain Dance
Staring from the cliff tops to far horizons
Trying to catch a glimpse of memories
Warped perceptions of reality
That left me feeling down

Summoning to the sky
Rain dance
Wash away the darkness inside
Summoning to the sky
Rain dance
Wash away the darkness in my mind

And all my fears I have let go
Rain dance
And the secrets they cannot hold
Returned to hallowed ground
Thunder crashes drowns out the sound
Rain dance

Counting on this to be the last time I'm found here
Summoning to the sky
Wash away the darkness from my mind
Track Name: Begins at the End
I feel the world turn beneath my feet
The constant pull to urge me forward
I can hear it’s sound and it’s call beckons me
But I’m still hiding from facing my fears

Left here to dwell while you flourished I fell

Under falling light
I made a promise but my mind’s in exile
Indifference is a gift from time

Left here to dwell while you flourished I fell

And though I’m here with you
My mind is far away
Is that unfair of me to say?

And I can only hope
You listen when I say I’m sorry
Ruined the past nothing remains
Said the words but nothing will change
Track Name: The Other Side
I can't come down nor am I thinking straight
Looking for answers inside this place
Sometimes I feel too high for me to fall
Sometimes I feel too low to get up at all

My lungs constrict
It makes me sick
There’s no air left For me to breathe In

No air to breathe

It's going to be a long time
Until I can say goodbye
But one day I’ll make it there
It might take me a while

It's going to be a long time
Don’t want to be left behind
But one day I’ll make it there
To meet you on the other side

I’ll meet you on the other side

Give me some time to wash away the darkness
Once my fall Becomes complete

And when this darkness begins to leave
I’ll meet you on the other side
Track Name: All Things Must Pass
No one saw him run from himself
But when you looked real close you could see in his eyes
He felt the strain creep in and he knew it was time
Distractions that numbed the pain had begun to fade
Now he’s falling apart from the inside out

Where do you go?
When no place feels like home
Empty streets all on your own
Thoughts that haunt your soul
Where do you go?

I recall the last time he disappeared
Said he was feeling the air he breathed
Would turn to dust inside his lungs
And choked out his tongue
He knew something was wrong

And when we spoke last
He smiled and said to me
All things must pass